1. Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer


Opis stanowiska

    Accelerating teams' adoption of cloud, delivering the 'firsts' (build deploy pipeline, containers, database, logging, monitoring, security), delivering an end to end slice into production and drive strategic architecture on public cloud services.
    Co-delivering/consulting and upskilling other application team members to implement the foundations for success
    Applying best development and DevOps practices and effectively utilizing technologies to reduce teams' efforts required for Azure migration

      Experience with Microsoft Azure (preferable) or other major cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud)
      Advanced skills of container orchestration management with Docker, Kubernetes and Helm
      Familiarity with CI/CD tools, like Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, TeamCity etc.
      Experience of working with Git and repositories (Github, Gitlab)
      Practical skills in Infrastructure-as-code, using tools such as Terraform, ARM or CloudFormation
      Confident Linux user with ability to develop shell scripts, etc.
      Familiarity with agile development practices (Scrum, Kanban)

      A cross-location team of experienced engineers, focused on DevOps practices to facilitate the migration of a number of complex applications in Azure, in one of the world top investment banks.

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