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Michal Kaczmarski

Product Manager, Owner, Strategist, Programmer


2017-05 present
Future Processing
Head of Product Management
2015-04 2017-03
eSky Group
Product Owner

* Working as Scrum Product Owner of eSky Group Hotel Product. Managing business side of the product and Scrum IT development. Negotiating and arranging agreements with external providers.

* Developing products vision, strategy and campaigns together with business and marketing teams.

* Introduction of new Hotel Product to EU and LATAM markets

* Participating in eSky Group Executive Committee with eSky Group Board

* Working as Scrum Product Owner of eSky Travel Search (Core API). Maximizing IT development business value, coordinating ETS efforts within other IT development, executing stakeholder’s product roadmap and goals

* Taking responsibility for decisions on ETS development work prioritization and scope, clarifying and discovering business needs to develop tools to execute company strategy as efficient as possible

* Executing strategy of ETS service quality improvement, compromising company’s IT development needs

* Implementation of JIRA system to control projects more efficiently instead of eSky own tool

* Working close with UX/CX department to improve eSky products

* Measuring eSky products with help of Data-Mining department (from A/B tests to more sophisticated analysis)

2016-10 2017-01
Dots+Circles LTD
Senior Strategy Consultant

* Developing and execute company's strategies in order to attain its business goals

* Introducing Scrum in Agile Marketing to the team

* Creating brand identity, strategy, brandbooks, communication toolkits for new brands

* Working with and manage other team members (either internal or external) to support strategic directions of the projects undertaken by Dots+Circles LTD and its partners

* Implementing a combination of strategic, conceptual and marketing skills to support company’s commercial activity

* Proactively research and execute principles, standards and best practices in online and offline marketing

* Create content maps, persona development, user flows, sitemaps, and UI specifications

* Reporting to the Senior Management a strategy for accomplishing the objectives of the Company

2014-03 2015-03
Creative Technologist

* Close cooperation with Managing Director, Engagement Director and Delivery Director to develop new business ideas and to create company strategy and values

* Working on the crossover point between business, technology and creative departments, to search and implement new technologies for the company (including mobile as strategic target)

* Working as Program Manager of Research & Development Department and cooperation with local universities

* Working as Architect of RT Audio and GFX processing

* Working as Scrum Product Owner of projects and R&D (e.g. skin cancer diagnosis support mobile application)

* Developing digital strategies with marketing department for wide range of clients from digital and e/m-commerce

* Participating in new business activities, especially creating new digital marketing ideas and pre-sales (PL/EU)

* Providing risk analysis and estimations for new business ideas

* Working as RT Mobile Audio and GFX routines architect

2014-01 2014-03
Peform Media
Android Developer

* Developing Android application for North American Soccer League. App is using multiple web services and is providing statistics, feeds and video content. Live video streams and premium content available via paid subscription. Project in Scrum Framework and Kanban

* Mentoring junior developers

2012-09 2014-01
Technical Developer (Android)

* Developing official Android mobile application for National Rail Enquiries – Great Britain’s Association of Train Operating Companies. Creating technical architecture and specification for the app based on multiple 3rd party systems via middleware in the cloud. Application has few millions active users and is extensively using web services from multiple providers, generating real-time journey plans, monitoring quality of service and informing about line disruptions. Project developed in Scrum Framework.

* Running research and development project regarding real-time audio processing on mobile devices. Main goal of the project is to develop technology to transmit data on a sound wave carrier in audible frequency range which will be inaudible to humans - using echo-modulation and advanced analysis of the data transformed from time into frequency domain using fast Fourier transform. Technology is targeted to be used in live media streaming like TV with real-time inaudible connection to mobile device. Project developed in Scrum Framework

* Working with clients to develop cutting-edge mobile project ideas

2006-06 2012-08
Game Developer

* Developing Games in Scrum Framework for established publishers such as Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai, Digital Chocolate, THQ, I-Play, Gameloft (Android, J2ME, BlackBerry)

* Programming tools supporting game development process

* Participation in projects developed by international team in Poland and Vienna as a programmer and team leader/lead developer

* Developing multiplatform projects based on the technique of automated source code conversion and cross-compiling

* Porting, close cooperation with external porting studio and QA department in China, India and Romania

* Planning software production according to Agile methodology

* Designing and programming UI layer and game graphics with emphasis on visual effects optimized for low resource usage

2000 2006
Game Development Companies
Freelancer and Intern

* Work for Game Development Companies as Intern and outsourced Programmer, including few AAA titles

* Programming low level gfx


University of SIlesia

Computer Science

Technical University of Lódź

Computer Science

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